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dear elijah...

i wish...

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Hello all ya'll hXc Elijah Fans --
This site is for you!
This community is for hardcore Elijah fans that absolutely cannot stop thinking about him, and therefore have resorted to writing intense fan letters, poems and songs for Elijah, even if they are never to be seen by him!
This community is for members to rant freely about Elijah Wood and post those fan letters, poems and songs.
Pictures are welcome, however here are the rules:

1. If posting more than one picture, please post behind an lj-cut.
2. Be creative, post often and comment even more often!
3. No bashing other Elijah fans.
4. This isn't really a Lord of the Rings community, it's more of an Elijah fan community...so you can post things referring to Elijah's character, etc, but you know, don't go Ringer on me in here! ;)
5. Fan fiction is encouraged and welcome, however put large stories behind an lj-cut and please warn of explicit content before hand! ;)


<3, ::DaRk BlU:: a.k.a. Liane