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sorry guys

I am trying to be more faithful to this community and I want to start writing fics again...
I am in a really hard place right now.
Trying to find an apartment, working two jobs...Trying to live etc.
But anyway.
I still lurrve Elijah.
And guess what? At my uber-cool job at Benefit we have this product called Hollywood Glow, and we are having an event for it...we are dressing up in wife-beaters with screen prints of our celebrity crushes on them! And guess who is going to be on mine? ELIJAH. So my love for him will be professed to all Macy*s customers.
Anyway...I am totally out of the loop Lijah wise though. I haven't heard anything about him in ages. Someone want to update me?! I don't have time ot search this exact moment...

::DaRk BlU::
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